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Chiles Relleños

Chiles Relleños

Roasted poblano chiles stuffed with loads of cheese, battered with an airy egg coating, and fried until crispy equate to the Mexican version of comfort food.

At Tia Queta we stay true to traditional authentic recipes and prepare all our dishes with only the freshest ingredients.

Chiles Relleños or stuffed chiles, are one of the most traditional dishes in Mexican cuisine. It’s origins date back to the Spanish conquest of Mexico in the 16th century. It also has significance in Mexican cultural identity because of its historic connection with Mexico’s independence from Spain.

As with Mexican culture as a whole, much of Mexico’s culinary tradition derives from the mixture, or mestizaje, of Spanish and indigenous customs. The chile relleno, a roasted poblano chile stuffed with cheese and covered in egg white batter and fried, is part of this tradition.

Because the chile relleno is traditionally made with a poblano chile, and poblano is a term used to refer to people and things from the city and state of Puebla, the chile relleno is widely considered to have originated in Puebla.